A message to Brazil!
October 01 2014

We have some extremely disappointing news...sadly we have to postpone our Brazilian tour due to reasons beyond our control. We know a lot of hard work went into these shows, we'll do whatever we can to reschedule, hopefully we’ll have news very soon.
Recording new (name needing) album!
October 01 2014

Ok McKenzie fans! Here is your chance to participate! We are in the studio recording our latest LP/CD/MP3...etc.
Were looking to the fans to name it and perhaps devise an art concept. The winner will have the bragging rights.
Drop your ideas on here or facebook!
Dear Russia,
July 29 2014

We’re very sorry to announce that we won’t be coming to Russia for this tour for reasons beyond our control. Next time.
Love you

Watch Pauls video message HERE!
News Flash: Gord is the man.
June 10 2014

Check this interview Gord the champ, aka our bagpipe player did with Dying Scene detailing the fact he was hit by a car just before recording the new Real Mckenzies album. Yes you read that right, he got hit by a car! Oh and ya, we're recording a new album!
Read the full interview- HERE!
St Patrick's Day 2015!
May 07 2014

"If the sea were whiskey, and if I were a duck, I'd swim to the bottom and never come up!!!" And we might just do it!! Going on a sea cruise ya bastards with a mess of degenerate traveling minstrels who are willing to put up with us for 3 whole days!!! Tickets on sale now:

Website and ticket Info CLICK HERE!
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